Safety & Quality Policy

Safety & Quality is one of ARMENIA core business functions. All levels of management and all employees are accountable for the delivery of this highest level of safety performance, starting with the Accountable Manager (Director General). It is our policy to constantly review and, wherever possible improve our operating safety and quality procedures, considering the cost effectiveness of the services we provide. To this end we have established Safety Management System and Quality Management System, which as a minimum are designed to meet the requirements of regulatory recommendations and international aviation standards. ARMENIA endeavours to foster a safe culture and deliver safe operations by commitment to:

  • Implementing the Safety Management System Allocating necessary human and financial resources
  • Establishing and operating proactive hazards identification and risk management processes including a safety reporting system, to eliminate or mitigate safety risks associated with operational and maintenance activities of CAMO to a point which is as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP)
  • Encouraging effective safety reporting and communication and actively manages safely with the same to detailed as its effected on its operations · periodically reviewing and continually improving our safety policy, performance through management processes that ensure the relevant safety action has taken and is effective
  • Ensure that no action will be taken against any employee who discloses a safety concern through the hazard reporting system, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, an illegal act, gross negligence, or a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures;
  • Clearly defining for all staff, managers and employees alike, their accountabilities and responsibilities for the delivery of the organization’s safety performance and the performance of our safety management system
  • Complying with the NON-PUNITIVE system for any employee who reports or discloses hazard, occurrence or incident;

We take note of the Safety and Quality requirements of our customers and General Department of Civil Aviation of RA (GDCA) standards of service and performances that they expect. The achievement and maintenance of these standards is deemed to be responsibility of every employee. The Safety and Quality policy has been communicated to all staff to ensure they are understand our commitment to safety and quality. Our believe is that establishment of an independent safety and quality functions does not relieve our employees of the responsibility for the safety and quality of their own work. While the Accountable Manager is overall answerably to our customers and to the GDCA for the safety and quality of our service and performance all staff have been authorized by him to ensure that the Safety and Quality Systems are fully implemented and maintained. The Safety and Quality Systems are reviewed at appropriate intervals by Accountable Manager, Safety and Quality managers and others senior management staff. This review uses the results of safety and quality inspections and audits, reports, risk assessments and other safety and quality related data generated since the previous review to ensure that the system is still effective and relevant to the needs of ARMENIA and its customers.

Updated: 01 September 2016
Director General
R. Oganesian